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Hey! Welcome to my action-packed blog which is going to detail all of the fun things you can do in your spare time. I used to spend my spare time surfing the internet, watching the TV and eating snacks. However, all of that changed when I made friends with a guy called Dan in my local bar. Dan was really into sports and activities such as sailing, shooting and hiking. When he promised to get me out there, I thought he was joking. However, after spending a couple of weekends with Dan I was hooked on doing activities. I hope you like my blog.

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Should You Consider Synthetic Grass When Constructing a Tennis Court

If you are looking to construct a tennis court on your property, you probably are considering a grass court. Although this is the conventional solution, what you need to bear in mind is the high maintenance that natural grass courts require, not to mention that the tennis court will need an adequate amount of sunshine or you will find your grass dying. A more convenient solution to your needs would be a synthetic grass tennis court. Contrary to popular belief, these types of courts have an incredibly natural appearance. Moreover, they provide you with a variety of advantages that you would not enjoy with natural grass courts. So why should you consider synthetic grass when constructing a tennis court?

Synthetic grass tennis courts provide a consistent texture

With natural grass, not only does the pile height vary but you will also find the thickness of the grass will change from one spot to another. To keep the grass uniform, you would have to engage in labour intensive maintenance on a scheduled basis. This care and maintenance can prove to be too expensive or time-consuming for some homeowners.

A better solution for your needs would be synthetic grass, as this will retain a consistent texture, regardless of how much heavy usage it is exposed to. Uniform texture is crucial, whether you are an amateur or a veteran player, as it will affect the quality of your tennis game. Not to mention that uneven texture would also make you susceptible to slipping and tripping.

Synthetic grass tennis courts ensure suitable ball bounce

When playing tennis, one of the major factors that would impact your game is how the ball bounces off the court. Having the right ball bounce enables you to strategise on your game accurately and helps you prepare for your consecutive shots. Moreover, enhanced ball bounce also aids you in maintaining control of the ball. The ball bounce on natural grass can differ depending on the elements.

For instance, if it has rained recently, chances are the ground will be soggy and you will not be getting the best bounce out of your shots. On the other hand, if the court is too dry, the ball will bounce much higher than usual. With synthetic grass, you have the flexibility to maintain the optimum ball bounce for your game by just choosing artificial turf that works best for you. This consistency can also help in elevating your skills in the long run.